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Imagine Doom. Now give it a few more technical gimmicks, a story, puzzles and a side order of dorkiness. You now have Marathon. Marathon is probably the most popular game around the channel, as it’s 2.5D (meaning no computer in use today shouldn’t be able to run it) and it’s very approachable difficulty-wise (as well as providing some fun tricks for higher-skill players to muck around with).

Installing the game, and connecting to matches

  1. Download the appropriate Marathon Infinity distribution. If you wish to play the single-player of this series, you may want to download the other packages; or if you’re a neat freak, you want to download the universal distro which allows you to insert whichever installment’s content files within it.
  2. Go into the Options and set your controls. You’ll probably want Altfire as well as Fire on your mouse, for example. Make sure Enable Crosshair is on in the options; it helps with quite a few weapons.
  3. Go to Join Network Game. In the “address” field, type in the IP that the game-host provides you. Then click Join. You will see a blank screen with a text box until you connect, at which point you will see the host’s name as well as whomever else is in the game at the moment. The game starts when the host presses Start. (You may type in the text box to chat with other players.)

Gameplay prerequisites

You have to press Use to respawn and open/close doors. You also have to hold down Use to use health terminals. Apart from that, the three most popular gametypes are as follows:

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Advanced tips

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