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MegaMek is a computer client for playing BattleTech, which contains the entirety of the Tech Level 1 and 2 basic rules as well as bits and pieces of the more recent Tech Level 3 rules. It supports offline and online play. As for what BattleTech is, see Omnibooru's description.

Platforms: MegaMek is a Java client, so anything that can run Java’s runtime environment should be able to run MegaMek.

Hardware prerequisites: None. It’s 2D, turn-based, and top-down; anything should be able to run this and any control scheme probably works.

Download links: Download the version of 0.36.1 we use here. If you don’t use Windows, said .zip also includes all of the add-ons that we use.

How to install and connect:

  1. Extract the package where you want it installed.
  2. Double click the executable.
  3. To play online with us, go “Join network game” and input both the IP and port that you are supplied with in-channel. If you find that hosting doesn’t work for you and there’s nobody who has a server address, this may be useful.

Typical or scheduled playing times: Sundays at any time. Saturdays are an extremely minor possibility.

Organizers/hosts: Barcode

Gameplay prerequisites:

MegaMek is complex, but the basic rules - and interface - aren’t too difficult to understand. I was going to write a guide but I never did it. Try this video.


Initiative is a phase during which all players automatically roll for initiative. The Initiative rolls are all displayed, and turn order is displayed. (You can see turn order at any time during later phasesby pressing Ctrl-R in Windows, or Cmd-R in OSX.


At the start of each game, all players must take turns placing units on the field. First pick the unit you want to deploy in the top right of the screen. Then click a yellow-highlighted hex to place it. Then, click Turn in the bottom toolbar and click a hex in the direction that you would like that unit to face. The top right unit list and the bottom maneuvers list are universal; while not all options will always be available, they are usable in all other phases. In BattleTech, it is best to be last in Initiative - this provides you a significant advantage during the Movement phase.


Players take turns choosing units to move, and then moving them. You perform a Move order by clicking a pathway for your unit, then pressing Done in the bottom right when satisfied.

Remember, you will only make your move once you press Done, and you cannot skip your turn (though you can make a unit stay immobile on their turn by pressing Done without assigning a movement path; by default, the game gives you an Are You Sure? pop-up box to confirm that you want to do this). This holds true for every Phase.)


Attack is one of the two phases during which you will be doing the vast majority of your opponent-hurting.

Gameplay intricacies: A proper layout for this section is being devised. For now, see our MegaMek topic for tips and tricks.