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Here’s a crash course in the silliness that is #yackfest. If you have useful information that’s not here, add it. If you have useless information that nobody needs, it’s not like anyone will care if you add that either.

A brief history

A good majority of the channel’s old hands used to be part of the TV Tropes forums. Most of them don’t really care for the place nowadays, but they may still ask newcomers if they’re affiliated with the site at all, even though IllFlower is constantly telling them not to. (Insert glare here.) Anyway, the fast-paced nature of channel activity is a continuation of that forum’s usual style. If you think #yackfest is busy for IRC, imagine having the same conversations at the same pace, except without automatic refreshing. I don’t know how these guys managed it, either.

Who's who

Or, “an opportunity to anonymously wiki-libel your fellow channel denizens.”

Channel staff

Also see the official staff page.

Retired folks:

Other regulars

Frequent niche subjects of conversation

Sometimes anime about sports?
Lies and slander! Mapi-sama would never stoop to such a level!
False accusations based on nothing but facts and truth!