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Basic IRC commands

IRC is mostly based around sending messages back and forth, but there are additional features available through special commands. In almost every client, commands take the form of a line starting with a slash — note that spaces before or after the slash will prevent commands from being interpreted — immediately followed by a command name and arguments. A few basic commands include:

Using channel bots

Among #yackfest’s users are a few bots, or programs that respond automatically to specially-formatted messages. The channel’s primary bot is Omnipresence, which is developed and operated by our very own IllFlower. You can get Omni’s attention in one of three ways:

You can get a list of available commands by using the help command, or more information on a specific command with help KEYWORD. Sometimes, Omnipresence will break up long replies into several messages, each followed by a notice of the form “(+1234 more characters)”; you can use more to get succeeding messages.

Other bots available in channel are listed below. To get a full list of commands for each bot, use its respective prefix followed by help.

Bot name Operated by Prefix Usual uses
feepbot feep . Leaving notes for absent users (.note NICK MESSAGE); random choices (.decide A|B|C)
rollermine ponicalica + Omnibooru searches (+omni TAG); decisions when feepbot is absent (+decide A|B|C)
Servitor JBridge ! Random RP-related crap

If you’d like to bring your own bot into the channel, please read the guidelines first.