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Barcode: Miaka Watanabe

Appearance: 16 years old; taller than most girls her age, but poor posture hides it. Straight black hair, reasonable length, brown eyes. Tends to skimp on putting effort into her personal appearance.

Costume: Uncoloured, coloured. Gauntlet subject to change.

The Kruger is a long, chunky weapon that encloses the forearm and points forward in the direction of the fist. The barrel is reinforced, and sunken between two ridges upon its top is a small pair of iron sights. Its construction allows it to be used as a sort of rifle as well as a club. Thanks to Miaka’s magical ability, it is about as nimble as a sword in close combat, despite its size and heft. (She puts her other hand under it to steady it when using it as a rifle.) Under certain conditions, the Kruger can be modified via manipulation of Miaka’s element (steel) to improve the offensive capabilities of the gauntlet-hand but sacrificing firepower.

What kind of girl is your character? Quiet and reserved around people she doesn’t know. Prone to angry outbursts. Somewhat confrontational but strong sense of loyalty. Driven in school mostly by obligation to her parents. Thanks to social awkardness, she keeps her friends at arm’s length unless it really matters.

What convinced her to make a contract? Miaka, a fan of strong morality, decided that what was described to her was a chance to be an honest-to-goodness hero. Killing real-life demons, how much more plainly “good” can you get? And of course, sure, she has to keep up in school, and maybe she’s in real danger, but, better to burn out fighting evil than to fade away flying a desk.

She is just realizing what it is like to lay your life on the line on a regular basis.

What was her wish? For more people to join together for altruistic causes.

What is her current crisis? Ever since she accepted the contract, Miaka has noticed that she attracts an inordinate amount of uneasy glares from strangers in public. As someone who generally keeps to herself, she is developing a significant level of paranoia.

Buttercupistiny: Yui Aoyama

Appearance: 15 years old, 150 cm, 68 kg. Yui has auburn ringlets that fall around the bottom of her shoulder blades in length. She has blue-grey eyes and usually wears glasses to compensate for miserable eyesight. While she does have a slightly more muscular build, she also carries extra weight on her, though she carries it well.

Costume: Golden-yellow collared dress with puffed short sleeves and a row of buttons from collar to red-belted waist. The dress falls to just above her knees. A red apron with white lace edging hangs off the belt. She wears a pair of white ankle socks with lace trim and black and white saddle shoes.

What kind of girl is your character? Yui is constantly berated by her peers for being far too domestically inclined for their taste. There are days when she’d like nothing better than to be a stay-at-home wife and mother, and she’s still trying to figure out how she feels about that. In the meantime, she’s just working on perfecting her baking to make her friends feel better. Yui is compassionate and optimistic to a fault, always searching for some way the other party in a conflict may have been oblivious or ill-informed. Even when people or situations are very obviously toxic to her well-being, she’ll do her best to keep those people and those responsible in her life. She measures her own self-worth by her ability to support others, and much prefers the spotlight being on those she helps, allowing her to slink off into the shadows to help someone else get where they want to be. She seems entirely unwilling to give herself the same help and understanding she gives to others, and is incredibly harsh and judgemental when analyzing her own actions.

What convinced her to make a contract? Following an accident that resulted in paralysis of her lower limbs, she threw herself into finding a way to walk again, refusing to resign herself to a life of being wheelchair bound. After a year of desperately trying various combinations of leg braces, crutches, and a walker, she’d given up hope of finding anything that would net her the results she wanted. That’s when her familiar offered her not only the opportunity to regain the use of her legs, but also an escape from the title of “hero” people in her family threw around so much

What was her wish? That following the crash her body be restored to the state it was in before the crash, and any record, save her own memories, that she had been in the vehicle at the time of the accident be purged.

What is her current crisis? The little girl who was in the crash with Yui found out Yui is a magical girl.

Fiora: Yuna Tsukino

Appearance: 15 years old, 162cm tall, 47kg. She has long straight black hair in a similar style to Homura Akemi, contrasting with her pale skin. Yuna is lightly built and has little physical strength, but to her that’s okay, since it’s not the source of her power. Her physical features are largely typical for a Japanese girl of her age.

Costume: Yuna wears a dress with a base color of black, but covered with brightly colored galaxies, stars, and nebula. The stars and galaxies radiate light – not enough to see in the sun, but brilliant in the dark, looking like a vast starscape. Whenever she attacks, the stars and galaxies swirl and reorganize themselves into a different pattern. The design and length of the dress are the same as Jade Harley's God Tier outfit, without the hood. Under the dress, Yuna wears black tights and deep violet Mary Jane-style flats.

What kind of girl is your character? Yuna is a relatively quiet and shy girl. She loves astronomy and space, and has a telescope at home she uses for stargazing. Though often withdrawn, she’s not asocial, and really does want to make friends. To Yuna, being a magical girl is in large part a chance to build relationships, something she always wished she could do in school, but was often too shy and anxious to try. She wants to use her powers to protect those close to her, but she is also afraid of her own death, despite knowing how close it can be at any moment for a magical girl.

What convinced her to make a contract? Yuna was on a subway train when a youma attacked. Like many others on the train, she was caught up inside the Nightmare. This youma had powers of darkness, and the Nightmare was nearly impossible to see inside. Yuna pulled out a flashlight from her purse and ran frantically through the Nightmare. Pointing her flashlight around as she ran, she saw many other passengers being attacked by the monsters. Dodging her way past, she spotted three magical girls fighting the youma. Two were soon killed by the youma and the third fled, panic-stricken with tears flowing down her cheeks. Yuna didn’t have much choice when she was offered a contract by the tsukaima, as the youma would soon devour everyone on the train.

What was her wish? Yuna wished for all the innocent people on the train to be saved, including herself. Her wish made the youma and Nightmare disappear, and healed the injuries the other passengers suffered from monsters. No grief seeds were left behind, so the youma may not have actually been destroyed, rather just moved elsewhere. Everyone on the train was in fact saved as a result, but the magical girls’ death wasn’t changed. When the passengers woke up after, they assumed the event to be a bizarre nightmare. Yuna has no idea what the fate of the third magical girl was. Her Tsukaima, however, claims she escaped alive.

What is her current crisis? Yuna has no idea who this third magical girl might be, but after seeing the girl’s two friends murdered, she knows that she has to find her before it’s too late. She sees herself in that girl – terrified, shocked by losing her friends, hopeless. Yuna hopes that this never happens to her, yet she knows that as a magical girl, it likely someday will.

Iverum: Hikaru Aikawa

Appearance: 15 years old. 153cm. 46kg. Grey eyes. Black hair that goes down to the small of her back.

Costume: Hikaru’s costume is a frilly dress made of yellow and red fabric. Over this she wears a long firefighter’s coat that is primarily black with yellow reflective strips on the hems, upper arms, and collar. Her hair is tied back with a red ribbon that trails behind her. She completes this most wonderful ensemble with a as mask with symmetrical filters.

What kind of girl is your character? The one word that most of her classmates would use to describe her is “Who?” Hikaru is far from social in any manner. She spends almost all her time buried in some kind of fantasy world and would prefer to avoid the messy reality of people. Of course, her fantasy world involves being one of the cool, talkative, outgoing girls in her class instead of the lonely girl playing VNs.

What convinced her to make a contract? Pyunpyun manipulated her desire to be a fantasy hero into making a contract to become a hero.

What was her wish? To be “cool and spicy” like the protagonist of her favorite anime.

What is her current crisis? Through some complicated mistake Hikaru has ended up identified as a spy from a foreign nation by the government. She has to deal with staying away from the government agents sent after her while dealing with witches.

Ponicalica: Sumire Shirayuki

Appearance: 15 y.o., 155cm, 49kg; blue eyes, unremarked-on anime-pink hair unless vetoed by IllFlower in which case a more realistic lighter hair color.

Costume: White dress with protrusions that look vaguely like candles, giving Sumire a look vaguely similar to a glass chandelier such as this one.

What kind of girl is your character? Sumire is the sort of girl who always seemed to have drank an espresso or two more than she needed, and no matter how bleak the situation seemed, was always able to continue the day with a smile, even to the point where it annoyed her friends.

What convinced her to make a contract? Despite her cheerful front, Sumire was actually deeply depressed by her schooltime dealings with various school bullies, in particular Kaede Serizawa, high-ranking member of the Absurdly Powerful Student Council and daughter of a vice-president of a prominent tech corporation. Her relentlessness, combined with the apathy of the school system and a fear of “rocking the boat”, gave Sumire an almost fatalistic feeling that nothing would ever change. One night, a strange creature named Pyunpyun would appear, telling her that there was in fact a way she could make things change…

What was her wish? While her initial rant to Pyunpyun included the words “I wish she would DIE!”, Sumire quickly changed her mind and only wished to be rid of Kaede. Sure enough, the very next day, Kaede’s father’s employment demanded he move elsewhere with his family; Sumire was finally free of the very worst of her tormentors.

What is her current crisis? (See Arc II.)

Tzetze: Aoi Iwatani

Appearance: 15 y.o., average height, slender but well-exercised. Short, dark, unadorned hair.

Costume: A workout outfit. Sweats, runners, tanktop, and an orange headband. Or at least, that’s what it was before magic frillination had its way. Now it’s a poet shirt lacking sleeves, the sweatpants are worryingly and incomprehensibly close to being bellbottoms, and the headband… don’t mention it around him. He’s not fond of these changes.

What kind of boy is your character? He’s been a dancer, competitively, since he was six or so, at the rule of his parents. Nobody at his private school made fun of him for it, as they were usually engaged in such parental pursuits themselves. He takes his athleticism, and intended future career, quite seriously; which is to say, as an entertainer, he’s sociable, easygoing, only a bit malicious, and entirely charming.

What convinced him to make a contract? Fun. Definitely just thinking that it would be fun.

What was his wish? He couldn’t think of anything major he wanted, so cake for all!

What is his current crisis? (See Arc II.)

Zudak: Makoto Fujiwara

Appearance: Precisely 15 years old. Short, messy dark brown hair, brown eyes, a little on the short side. Athletic build.

Costume: A simple summer dress, boots, and a party hat. What the costume lacks in fanciful adornments it more than makes up for with a rainbow of eye-searingly bright colors.

What kind of girl is your character? The class clown. Energetic, impulsive, and reckless. Most students at her school have heard of her even if they don’t personally know her, as she is constantly getting in trouble.

What convinced her to make a contract? She didn’t take much convincing. She leaped at the chance to become a magical girl.

What was her wish? A few trillion yen and a lifetime supply of sushi were both very tempting but ultimately she carelessly decided to wish to become a skilled athlete. Phys ed was always her favorite subject because it was the only one she was any good at.

What is her current crisis? “I just can’t stand this boring, ordinary life anymore!”