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Iverum’s starting a Shadowrun campaign, but IllFlower’s the one creating this wiki page because he can’t keep stuff straight without wiki pages. Fella’s got a lot on his mind.


Hangzhou, 2072. It’s August and the rain is coming down. Or it would be if you weren’t under the Plate. The rainwater that filters down this far is some mixture of recycled water, sewage, and the detritus of Upper Hangzhou. You and a few fellow runners have been called by a well known “retired” runner. He has a job for a group like yours, but he’s been sparse on the details.

You know that Hangzhou is Wuxing’s now. The infrastructure megacorp set up shop a few years back and just put the finishing touches on their newest Skytower that rises high above the Upper Hangzhou skyline. The tower is a masterwork of geomancy, astral space, and human engineering. It’s certain to hold value beyond human knowledge. The Wu’s quints are also here. The identical sisters are here to debut a new fall fashion line, but the more cynical mind would place them as advertising for Wuxing’s new expansion.

While Wuxing controls Upper Hangzhou, Lower Hangzhou is firmly in the hands of the Triads. The Red Dragons control most of the city and are certain to have mixed feelings about the new corporate interests above them. They’ve been competing with a new group that has sprung up recently. The Octagon Triad has been reaching into new territory and making a name for themselves with shopkeepers in the underbelly of the city.

There is a lot to offer a runner in Hangzhou now. You’re certain to be in the big leagues now.

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