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What Is Spacemurder?

Spacemurder is about murder in space.

Very Funny, Serious Answer Plz.

Spacemurder is Charlatan’s campaign for Carnage Amongst the Stars, in which he drops the PCs on planets named after heavy metal bands and provides them with varyingly antagonistic aliens to shoot in the face. Other things stand a highly nonzero percent chance of happening too.

This page will be devoted to textdumps of their misadventures and also to hold resources the players will be using.

House Rules in effect:
-The flechette gun from this free minizine article is available to all Trooper-rank soldiers.
-Specialist ranks are available for all Trooper-rank soldiers.


Current players:

The Trooper Graveyard:
-Empty…For now.

Charlatan is shooting for meets at 7 PM Pacific Time on Saturdays.

Character sheets