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Prompt-based writing sessions. Informal discussions go on in #MadokaMadness, the RP channel.

How this works

We give you a short prompt, and a week some arbitrary amount of time in which to write, draw, record, or otherwise create something related to it. We’re not strict enough to give length or genre requirements. Just make it worth your time.

There used to be a rule about not making entries public until the deadline, but people kept breaking it.


Round Open Deadline Subject Entries
1 2011-11-25 2011-11-28 “I’m not stupid, I’m not expendable, and I’M NOT GOING!” IllFlower, Iverum, Nitya
2 2011-12-02 2011-12-05 “At this time next year, you will be someone else.”
3 2011-12-19 2011-12-26 “Did I say two? I lied.” Barcode, IllFlower
4 2012-01-22 2012-01-28 Last recorded entry Barcode, Iverum
5 2012-02-12 2012-02-18 Intimate (verb) Barcode, LORd
6 2012-03-04 2012-03-10 Second wind Barcode, IllFlower, Nitya, Solstace
7 2012-04-02 2012-04-08 Access denied
8 2012-05-07 2012-05-13 Slippery slope
9 2012-06-25 2012-07-01 Breaking the cycle Barcode
10 2012-11-24 2012-11-30 More at eleven
11 2013-10-18 2013-10-24 Certainty is absurd Barcode, Nitya