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Omnipresence is #yackfest’s house bot, run by IllFlower. This page is intended for channel operators who have or wish to have Omnipresence in their channels. If you’re a normal user and want help with Omnipresence’s features, simply use the help command.

Join requests

If you’d like to request that Omnipresence join your channel, send a message or memo to IllFlower providing the channel name, evidence that you’re a channel operator, and a list of features that you’d like enabled.


Names in parentheses are convenient shorthands if you don’t feel like typing out the full names of these features.

Most of Omnipresence’s other commands (those listed by help) are always enabled.

Reporting problems

If you’re having trouble with Omnipresence, feel free to report the issues directly to IllFlower.

There’s also a page for feature requests on this wiki, as well as the bug tracker on GitHub.