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Most scheduled events happen in the adjunct channel #madokamadness, in order to avoid running over ongoing conversation.1) Specific dates and times are available on Google Calendar.

If you’re interested in conducting a game, ponicalica can give you channel operator permissions in #madokamadness, while IllFlower can give you a wiki namespace and calendar edit permissions. Contact them for details.

Role-playing games

Games are listed in approximately reverse chronological order.

GM System Setting Related links
Nothing. How about starting a campaign yourself?
Planning and brainstorming
Iverum Powered by the Apocalypse A continuation? mitakihara
Nitya Unknown Armies Cincinnati ideogrammatic
IllFlower Dogs in the Vineyard, with modifications Adapted version of previous setting memoriam noc
Calica Sorcerer Generic modern-day setting sorcerer
Iverum Shadowrun Hangzhou shadowrun
Solstace Adeptus Evangelion Probably New York adeptus
Iverum Magical Burst ReWrite BRS-esque a_fistful_of_wishes
IllFlower Magical Burst Madoka, kind of magical_burst
taelor Dresden Files RPG Oakland, CA Session Recaps (incomplete)
Charlatan 3:16: Carnage Amongst the Stars The ass end of human space spacemurder
IllFlower Dogs in the Vineyard Mars ditv
Iverum Custom Homestuck ircbanned

Other events

If you can’t tell, that’s a recycled channel. It was originally used for viewings of the namesake anime.